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aluminum wood finish

For centuries, people have sought happiness through a connection with nature. That is why designers seeks to bring shapes, colors and patterns of natural elements to living spaces. Valwood, our aluminum finish that mimics the tones and grain of natural wood for doors, windows and other architectural solutions is our answer to that pursuit. An organic look is complemented with the durability and protection that distinguish all Valcor products.

Woods such as oak, cherry, walnut and wenge are some of the options to choose. Every Valwood shade is achieved by a careful process and brings important advantages such as durability, protection against moisture and UV rays.

Valwood is an ideal product for our climate and for a more sustainable construction. Visit our showrooms and confirm the quality of this splendid aluminum finish.


custom perforated aluminum panels

Good design always solves problems aesthetically. Valperf, our perforated aluminum panel, is an extraordinary architectural solution for residential, commercial and institutional projects. This product opens up new design opportunities; as a divider on a modern terrace, part of a daring building facade proposal, garage doors and much more. Our perforated aluminum panels work well in spaces to live, study, work or play.

Clean and perfect perforations make it a lighter material, offers sun control, is as durable as any other Valcor product and 100% recyclable -for a greener construction. There are literally hundreds of different models of Valperf and many colors to choose from.

If you need a quote or even advice on how you can use Valperf in a building project, contact us, we are ready to help.

architectural solutions

glass railings - glass showers - pergolas - skylights

Experience makes the difference. More than 55 years of operations and close relationships with architects, industrial designers, developers and contractors has allowed us to develop a catalog of aluminum and glass solutions for projects of all kinds.

Whether for exterior or interior use, for large-scale projects and solutions for home improvement. Valcor manufactures each product with the same quality, durability and good performance.

For aluminum and glass rails, pergolas, sunrooms, gates, skylights and even shower glass enclosures, just contact us.

custom projects

curtain walls - facades - louvers - pergolas - fences

The design and the technology behind the aesthetic is what makes a product stand the test of time. When it comes to special projects of any scale, Valcor has the team of specialists, the manufacturing and installation capacity and the reliability of a leading company in the market. Curtain walls, aluminum and glass facades, entrances concepts of any size are part of our specialties.

Our catalog of completed projects includes buildings of the stature of the Puerto Rico Supreme Court, the Department of the Treasury and the Center for Fine Arts in Humacao. Schedule a meeting with one of our specialists to make you project more cost-effective.

our glass

tempered - laminated - insulated

When used in transparent or translucent applications, glass adds beauty to any building. And on a tropical island like ours, glass plays a vital role. At Valcor we stand out for processing a wide selection of glass in almost any size.

An expert team works at our Glass Shop and Clean Room to ensure our tempered, colored, security, heat strengthened and energy efficient glass meets your specific requirements. And we have the machinery and the technology to manufacture, deliver and install the glass for large-scale projects.

If the most renowned architects entrust us the glass for their award-winning designs, imagine what we can do for your project. Contact us.

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